About Us


Pillars of Promise (POP) is a nonprofit organization based in Des Moines with a mission to fight intergenerational poverty in radically new ways. Revolving around a central theme of, “We are Better Together” POP is focused first in a disadvantaged area of north Des Moines impacting five neighborhoods. Its vision is for this initial project’s success to serve as a model that may be replicated in other neighborhoods in Iowa’s capital city, expand to other cities in the state, and around the nation.

Pillars of Promise is not a provider of services, but instead is organizing and recruiting public, private and nonprofit (including faith-based) organizations to come together to meet the economic, educational, social and character needs of cities’ urban core. Working together to fight intergenerational poverty through fundraising and volunteer acts of service.

Build capacity through both common physical space and an intentional network of collaboration allowing proven and successful community service providers to come together and meet the needs of children and families around the pillars of:

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Family Wellness
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Sports and Arts
  • Character Development
  • “We are Better Together” by bringing resources (e.g. financial and volunteer), as well as delivery of services, together in the fight against poverty making a transformational impact on the communities served for generations to come.

    POP will not provide ANY services directly, but instead rely on existing service providers (partners) in the community to meet the needs as they normally do but exponentially better through a shared campus facility and intentional collaborative networking. POP is focused on fundraising for capital construction and improvement of physical space and on-going support for its partners. POP has no interest in any of the governance of its partners but of course will have transparent disciplined governance through its 501c3 structure on behalf of its board of directors, partners and the communities it services.

    POP will make important promises to the urban communities it serves:

    POP will work with not to or for the community

    Everything POP does will be in excellence as that is what each community deserves.

    POP will insure ownership by investing in the “means” not the “end” with a goal of instilling Dignity not Dependence and Choice not Charity in each community it serves.

    POP will compliment not compete with existing/future service providers in the fight against intergenerational poverty.