Community Engagement


Pillars of Promise (POP) is 100% focused on serving the actual needs of the community as told to POP by the community. It is of the utmost importance that we work with, not to or for, the community. As of May 2017, POP has:

  • Held 3 public town halls
  • Held 6 community forums
  • Attended numerous community association meetings, and
  • Continues to meet separately with key community and public leaders.

In order to maintain continuous dialogue with leaders in the impacted community, POP has formed a Community Advisory Committee to listen, provide advice and share information with their organization represented by the committee member. The committee contains over 20 members representing neighborhood associations, churches, schools, youth and nonprofit organizations. The first committee meeting was held on April 5, 2017.

Through our community engagement meetings, a substantial amount of data has been compiled on the needs of the community, and as importantly, what the community has vocalized they do not need or want to see happen. This data is being utilized as the foundation to drive building and green space design in a campus setting.

A concept master plan to optimize both physical and green space is underway along with high level cost estimates. Significant cost savings and synergies will be derived by utilizing shared space for our partners which is critical. Developing a “one stop shop” space within the community will aid in the mission to better serve those actually in the community. Finally fund raising on a national and local scale to foundations, private companies and public grants is underway.