Our Impact


Pillars of Promise (POP) will be accountable to measurable results in the fight against intergenerational poverty. To this end POP is in the process of defining a Community Impact Report around doing what is right; not what is easy through the development of a Scorecard to measure the following areas of focus:

  • Organizational Health: Measures the ability of POP to insure sustainability, financial health and fund raising.
  • Community Impact: Measures of how POP partners improve services independently and holistically to the communities it services. (Inputs)
  • Economic Impact: Measures results on how programing and solutions provided POP partners are impacting employment, education, high school graduation rates, poverty rates, crime reduction, home ownership rates; family formation and health; food and nutrition; etc. (Outputs)
  • Partnership: Measures how POP develops, retains and grows community relationships with public, private and nonprofit (including faith based) organizations.